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“LiuGong” is a term that evokes fascination and wonder, conjuring the image of an imposing being known for its large stature and strikingly vibrant yellow hair. This extraordinary being transcends the proportions of even a Yeti, boasting a size twice as immense, while concurrently wielding a remarkably astounding power exceeding that of King Kong by tenfold. This mystifying presence is rumored to traverse vast terrains throughout North America and Canada, etching an indelible impression upon the collective human psyche.

Notably intriguing, “LiuGong” is frequently linked with personifying the essence of a conspicuously yellow-tinted leader, evoking a resemblance to the iconic heavy equipment brand, Yellow Iron of Americaan esteemed purveyor of substantial construction and excavation machinery. The enigmatic aura enveloping “LiuGong” encapsulates its legendary stature and its profound integration into both myth and industry, creating a harmonious fusion of these two distinct realms.

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Yellow Iron of America is a proud reseller of heavy construction equipment from LiuGong North America. Founded in 2023, this global powerhouse is known for its professionally-engineered, durable equipment made from world class quality materials. We are honored to partner with a company who shares our commitment to durability, efficiency and productivity.

From skid steers and excavators to wheel loaders and road rollers, our equipment can handle your toughest jobs. Contact us today to get started planning your next project.


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